Monday, February 14, 2011

Greetings, my dear friends!

We had a dreadful thunderstorm yesterday.  Quite noisy.  I was worried about the rose bushes in the roof garden.  With all that wind I was afraid the tubs would be blown off the roof.  Luckily Clive had tied them down with strong twine.  He is such a dependable man.  The strong, silent type.  He doesn't have much to say, but when he does speak, it is always profound.  Such a waste of so much intelligence, but I must say, I'm very glad he has chosen the Pennyfoot for his employment.  I really don't know what we would do without him now.

Madeline brought little Angelina by today.  She is such a happy baby, always smiling.  I still find it hard to imagine dear Madeline as a mother.  Not that I don't think she is wonderful in every way and takes excellent care of her child, but she has always been such a free spirit, not quite of this world sometimes.  Somehow the mundane tasks of taking care of a baby seem a little out of her realm.  She has a nanny, of course, but insists on taking on most of the work herself.  Personally, I think she is afraid that Angelina has inherited her powers and wants to keep it all a secret from Kevin.

Samuel had a little accident with one of the carriages last week.  One of those awful motor cars backfired and startled his horse.  The poor thing leaped into the air then set off at a dangerous pace, scattering pedestrians and. bicyclists in every direction.  Samuel hung onto the reins but couldn't halt the horse.  Afraid that the carriage would overturn and spill out his passengers, two very important guests of the Pennyfoot, Samuel had to climb over the shafts and release the horse.  He fell, but managed to hold onto the carriage until it came to a stop.  He's very stiff and sore, but thankfully nothing was broken.  Our guests were shaken, to say the least, but praised my stable manager with his quick thinking which very likely saved their lives.  The horse returned on its own an hour later.  I must say, I have exceptional staff at the Pennyfoot.

I'm hoping this week will be a little less dramatic for us.  I hope your week is pleasant and without incident.
My best wishes,
Cecily Sinclair Baxter

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