Monday, February 7, 2011

Greetings, my dear friends!

Another week has passed by.  Time goes so fast these days.  Soon Badger's End will be buzzing with tourists, and the summer season will be in full swing.  Already we are filling up our reservations, and judging by some of our guests, this should be an interesting year.  So far we have a famous actor, a writer and an inventor, all of whom have some measure of notoriety.  The staff will be kept busy, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, the snow has melted away, and we are left with cold winds and bright sunshine.  I saw people walking on the sands yesterday. Personally, I'd rather wait until the warmer weather.  Gertie's twins, my beloved godchildren, have been clamoring to go on the beach, but so far Gertie has managed to dissuade them.  She still looks vastly unhappy.  I wish she could find a nice man to take care of her and the children.  Gertie has her rough edges, but she's a goodhearted woman, loyal to the core, and would make some man a wonderful wife.

Pansy and Samuel  seem to be getting along very well these days, though I do worry about Pansy at times.  She is so much younger than Samuel, and I don't want to see her tied down to a husband and children at her tender age.  Women these days have so many more opportunities than when I was her age.  The Women's Movement has come a long way in making society aware that there is more to a woman than slaving away in the kitchen, catering to her husband's wishes and raising children.

Enough of that.  I tend to get carried away on such subjects.  I am fortunate that I have an occupation that doesn't involve changing bedpans or scrubbing floors.  I wish all of you a good day, and I will return next week with more news from the Pennyfoot Country Club.

Cecily Sinclair Baxter

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